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Altitude Chamber

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Altitude Chamber

Altitude chambers are the ultimate in efficiency and practicality for hypoxic exercise in health clubs, professional training facilities, or in the comfort of your own home or office. With equal air density and pressure to that of the sea-level air, and our state of the art air-conditioning and filtering system, Altitude Chambers create the ideal environment for comfortable and safe hypoxic exercise.

The Altitude Chambers’ configurations are designed to be modular and expandable. If the environment needs to be relocated, it can be done so with minimal effort. As your needs increase, your original Hypoxico Altitude Chamber can be further expanded to meet that growth. Hypoxico can also provide custom hybrid Altitude Chambers which incorporate existing walls.

Get the benefits of high altitude training today, and train above the rest!

  • Standard sizes to support 1-4 users
  • Chambers customizable to any dimensions
  • Chambers are constructed of clear high grade vinyl or plexiglass and aluminum framing
  • Vinyl inserts lock into frame with airtight seals
  • Most walls are interchangeable for future expansion