Hypoxico - Hypoxico sponsors Leadville trail 100 mile run

6 June 2018

Hypoxico sponsors Leadville trail 100 mile run

For the last several years, the days and weeks after the Leadville 100 mile ride and runs are some of the busiest of the year for us at Hypoxico. Not only are we in communication with our clients who’ve taken on the challenges, but we also receive dozens of calls and emails from people who didn’t use our equipment or sufficiently acclimatize to altitude and who are thus disappointedly looking for solutions for another future attempt.

Racing at 10,000 feet above sea-level is a hugely demanding undertaking, no matter what the distance. When the distance is 100 miles with many thousands of feet climbing and descending, such extreme altitude compounds an already difficult undertaking, adding tremendous additional stress to the unprepared. Even athletes who are in the best shape of their lives will have no chance of having a satisfactory performance without sufficient pre-acclimatization to the racing environment. Such is the nature of altitude and it’s negative impact on performance.

Pre-acclimatization to altitude can be done in one of two ways. Either the athlete can arrive in Leadville 3+ weeks in advance to slowly adjust to the high-mountain air, or, more realistically for most people with a busy schedule, they can use altitude simulation technology provided by Hypoxico to pre-acclimatize from their sea-level or moderate altitude home. The latter strategy is just as effective and usually cuts down on financial costs, and work/family sacrifice in the weeks and months leading up to the race.

As a company, Hypoxico has had a long history with the Leadville 100, with four employee finishes of the 100-mile run, two of the 100-mile bike, and even a full Leadman finish by our CEO in 2013. Since we already help dozens of athletes every year pre-acclimatize from home, it only makes sense that we also sponsor the race. That’s why we are tremendously excited to sponsor the Leadville Trail 100 mile run for the second year, offering package specials and altitude consultations to participants.

If you are training for the 2018 Leadville 100, please reach out today to learn how hypoxic training can help you be your best on race day. Check out the Leadville 100 package.


Created By: Stan Pillman