Clients on Aconcagua

Clients on Aconcagua

We just got he below message from our partner Adrian Ballinger at Alpenglow Expeditions.

“All of our first team is on top of Aconcagua! Only ten days after leaving the USA and only six days on mountain. All feeling great! Great confirmation of our Rapid Ascent system and Hypoxico and our logistics. Now we just have to get the word out to the world!”

– Adrian Ballinger, Owner of Alpenglow Expeditions Aconcagua-Hypoxico-Altitude-Training

Messages like this get us so fired up! To give it a little context, it usually takes closer to 21 days for people to safely make a summit attempt, so the Alpenglow team was about two weeks quicker than most expeditions. We’re so happy for the team and proud to work with them. More about the Rapid Ascent program here.